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Athletes: Noah Howell, Jonah Howell and Thomas Gaiserbach
Location: Wrangell-St.Elias
Photographer: Garrett Grove

  • The ultra versatile, floorless Mega Light Tent pulls duty for nearly anything you can dream up: from emergency tarp shelter to luxury glacier kitchen to an ultralight shelter for months-long thru-hikes.
    $289.95 USD
    5.0/5 (4)

  • Bathtub floor and bug netting for added protection with the Mega Light.
    $289.95 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • A compact two-person, four-season tent built for weight-conscious climbers, the Black Diamond Firstlight is based on the I-Tent’s expedition-specific design with steep walls and a simple floor shape to optimize living space and increase headroom. For durability, all seams are double sewn and the stress points are reinforced. With two equal length DAC Featherlite poles that fit inside the tent with hook-and-loop wraps, it’s easy to set up—even from inside. For cross ventilation, both the small rear window and the door are covered with no-see-um mesh. The canopy is contructed with water resistant, breathable NanoShield fabric. For interior organization, the Firstlight has two interior mesh pockets.
    $369.95 USD
    4.3/5 (9)

  • A spacious one-person lounge or a cozy two-person assault-style tent, the Black Diamond HiLight uses a two-and-a-half pole design for steep, water-shedding walls and a wide, high ceiling. The full side-opening door has a built-in no-see-um mesh window, and coupled with another window on the opposite side, the HiLight offers excellent ventilation. The canopy is built with highly water-resistant and breathable NanoShield fabric. For keeping track of the little things, the HiLight has two interior mesh pockets.
    $399.95 USD
    4.7/5 (6)

  • A three-season tent built with a hybrid single/double-wall construction, the Black Diamond Skylight offers ample room for two people and a very friendly fit for three. The tent’s front third has a mesh inner wall for excellent ventilation and a panoramic view. The attached NanoShield® canopy can be rolled up in nice weather or rolled down for a spacious vestibule and protection in adverse conditions. The rear two-thirds is composed of a single wall of NanoShield for breathability and water resistance. The internal DAC Featherlite tent poles offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and keep the tent quiet in gusty conditions. For interior organization, the Skylight has four mesh pockets.
    $469.95 USD
    3.1/5 (7)

  • Spacious basecamp comfort and durable, 4-season protection is what the 3-person Black Diamond Squall tent is all about. The tough, double-wall design holds up against prolonged expedition use and gnarly mountain weather, and the 3 poles feature fast-pitch hubs for quick and easy setup. Double end doors and vestibules provide easy entry and loads of gear storage, and the adjustable front, rear and top vents keep the airflow high.
    $599.95 $359.97 USD
    3.7/5 (3)

  • Designed with ounce-counting climbers and backpackers in mind, the Black Diamond Mirage features a streamlined construction that dispenses with the unnecessary extras in favor of lightweight, 3-season performance. A single door and integrated vestibule make for easy entry and gear storage, while the fast-pitch pole hub makes setup a breeze. And when light isn't light enough, the Mirage's fly and optional ground cloth combine to make a streamlined shelter.
    $299.95 $209.96 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • Primed for weekend car camping or extended backpacking trips, the award-winning Mesa tent features a versatile 2-person, double-wall, 3-season design that strikes an ideal balance between low weight and livability. Two doors and two vestibules provide individual entry and storage, while the fast-pitch pole hub makes for quick and easy set up when a storm rolls in. When you're looking to go really light, the Mesa's optional ground cloth (sold separately) and rain fly function as a streamlined shelter.
    $329.95 USD
    4.6/5 (5)

  • Equally at home in campgrounds and remote alpine meadows, the 3-person, 3-season Black Diamond Vista provides ample living space without weighing you down. The versatile, double-wall design features a fast-pitch hub that makes for rapid setup, and double doors and vestibules for easy entry and gear storage. For lightweight missions, the fly combines with the optional ground cloth to make a streamlined shelter.
    $399.95 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • The most legendary and versatile 2-person, single-wall tent on the market.
    $759.95 USD
    3.7/5 (3)

  • Classic compact mountaineering design for expedition use.
    $699.95 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • Classic compact mountaineering design with extra room to accommodate taller climbers or extra gear storage.
    $699.95 USD
    5.0/5 (3)

  • The strongest 2-person Bibler tent, the Fitzroy features a 4-pole steep-sided design to maximize headroom.
    $799.95 USD
    5.0/5 (2)

  • Expedition tested and trusted 4-person/4-season single-wall shelter that's exceptionally stable in windy conditions.
    $999.95 USD
    4.5/5 (2)

  • A lightweight, 2-person tarp shelter perfect for the minimalist backpacker, the Beta Light uses two adjustable trekking or ski poles for setup. Pair it with the Beta Bug tent when you think you may encounter a few mosquitoes in the Wind River Range.
    $199.95 USD
    4.5/5 (4)

  • Bathtub floor and bug netting for added protection with the Beta series.
    $154.95 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • Big-wall-specific design incorporates a strong waterproof tie-in point.
    $249.95 USD

  • Single-pole design sheds weight but maximizes headroom.
    $269.95 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • The Black Diamond Spotlight bivy is designed for the gram-counting minimalist who values some added comfort, with a single DAC Featherlite® pole providing extra room over the head and shoulders. The Spotlight is constructed with ultralight, highly packable NanoShield fabric for excellent weatherproofing and breathability. It has a large zippered entry and a large mesh panel with an awning for excellent ventilation.
    $219.95 USD
    2.0/5 (1)

  • The minimalist, four-season Black Diamond Twilight Bivy is built from water-resistant and breathable NanoShield fabric that keeps weight to an absolute minimum and packs down incredibly small, making it ideal for an emergency shelter or as a sleeping bag cover. Built with a zippered entry across the shoulders, it’s easy to get into and use while sitting up.
    $149.95 USD

  • The Black Diamond Firstlight Vestibule is constructed with lightweight, waterproof SilPoly fabric and adds 0.8 square meters (9 sq ft) of storage space to the Firstlight tent.
    $139.95 USD
    4.0/5 (1)

  • The Black Diamond Fitzroy Vestibule is constructed with lightweight, waterproof SilPoly fabric and adds .8 square meters (9 sq ft) of storage space to the Fitzroy tent.
    $159.95 USD

  • The Black Diamond Ahwahnee Vestibule is constructed with lightweight, waterproof SilPoly fabric and adds 1.2 square meters (13 sq ft) of storage space to the Ahwahnee tent.
    $159.95 USD

  • The Black Diamond Eldorado Vestibule is constructed with lightweight, waterproof SilPoly fabric and adds .8 square meters (9 sq ft) of storage space to the Eldorado tent.
    $159.95 USD