Athletes: Jane Jackson and Eric Bissell
Location: Merriam Peak, ID
Photographer: Ben Ditto

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The Making Of:

The Black Diamond Whippet

Since the mid 1990’s the Whippet has been an iconic tool for ski mountaineers. In the first of this series, we explore the genesis of the Whippet and talk with Ambassador Andrew McLean, the man behind the enduring design.


Get Up to Get Down

6 Skinning Tips from Pros

Spend enough time in the skin track and you’re guaranteed to come across that awkward, seemingly insurmountable switchback, and think…am I missing something? The deal is, skinning, though simple on the surface, actually involves a few crucial skills. Here, BD Athletes Tobin Seagel, Kim Havell and Jordan White share their hard-earned tips for skinning efficiently in the backcountry.

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