Athletes: Black Diamond Ambassador Tobin Seagel and Jen Reddy
Location: Tetons, WY
Photographer: Mark Fisher

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Mental Training

Demystifying Flow

Black Diamond Global Athlete Hazel Findlay is on a quest to harness the elusive, elevated performance-inducing feeling we call “flow.” Her search has led her to Cameron Norsworthy—a straight-up guru in the art of finding flow. In this second installment of her mental training series, Findlay interviews Norsworthy to get the low down on what flow is and how we can use it to improve our climbing.


Tobin Seagel

Protect Our Winters

Black Diamond Athlete Tobin Seagel has witnessed the damaging effects of a dying winter season, and he wants to do something about it. Seagel has teamed up with POW (Protect Our Winters) and believes we can turn climate change around. Here’s how.

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