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Location: Red Rocks, Nevada
Photographer: Andrew Burr

  • Perfect for the sport climber on a budget, the Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw gives full wiregate performance without emptying your wallet. Two wiregate Quicksilver biners and a durable 18 mm (.7 in) nylon dogbone make for a light, all-purpose quickdraw that's at home everywhere from sport routes to alpine climbs.
    $11.95 $8.96 USD
    4.6/5 (8)

  • The Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack gives you six of our PosiWire quickdraws that combine the smooth clipping and cleaning of the Positron carabiner with the light weight and multi-purpose function of our original HotWire carabiner.
    $84.95 $63.71 USD
    5.0/5 (2)

  • Our largest belay and rappel locker, the Black Diamond RockLock carabiner features a keylock nose and is Munter Hitch compatible. It’s available as a screwgate or twistlock—both can be operated with one hand. These carabiners feature minor cosmetic flaws that in no way affect the use or safety of the carabiner, typically the anodization is a little off color.
    $10.95 - $17.95 $8.21 - $13.46
    5.0/5 (2)

  • Featuring everything you need to get started climbing in the gym or out at the crags, the Momentum SA Package is a complete, convenient start-up kit for new female climbers.
    $99.95 $69.96 USD
    4.7/5 (3)

  • A modern classic, the Black Diamond BD Cap features and embroidered icon and a comfortable, six-panel Flexfit design.
    $24.95 $16.22 USD
    4.9/5 (14)

  • Outfitted with Black Diamond's QuickDraw deployment system, the QuickDraw Super Tour Probe goes from stored to search in a matter of seconds. The Super Tour features lightweight aluminum shafts with a strong, durable construction for years of backcountry use, and its long length makes it an effective search tool in the deepest burial scenarios.
    $54.95 $32.97 USD
    2.0/5 (1)

  • Our women's-specific Z-Pole, the Black Diamond Women's Distance FL combines Z-Pole compactability with 20 cm of FlickLock® Pro adjustability for backpacking, hiking and endurance running. Our folding Z-Pole technology uses an internal cable and innovative speed cones to take the pole from stored to deployed in a matter of seconds. With EVA foam grips and plush-lined straps sized specifically for women, the Women's Distance FL is built for all-day comfort on the trail. Interchangeable Tech Tips (carbide and rubber) can easily be swapped out to accommodate different trail surfaces.
    $129.95 $90.96 USD
    5.0/5 (2)

  • Featuring everything you need to get started climbing in the gym or out at the crags, the Momentum SA Package is a complete, convenient start-up kit for new climbers.
    $99.95 $69.96 USD
    4.8/5 (8)

  • An all-around harness for everyone from the first-time climber to the seasoned hardman, the Black Diamond Momentum SA features our Dual Core Construction to provide an expert balance of comfort, ventilation and durability. Dual Core Construction uses two slim bands of high-tensile webbing on the outer edges of the waistbelt and a venting OpenAir foam insert in the center to balance comfort and breathability without pressure points. Our trakFIT leg loop adjustment system uses a simple, secure slide adjuster to quickly and easily adjust the diameter of the leg loop and provide a wide range of fit.
    $54.95 $41.21 USD
    4.7/5 (6)

  • The Black Diamond Trance Ski Boot is our women's-specific telemark boot for big days in the backcountry when the hauling is long and the descents require uncompromising performance. The Triax Tour frame with Flex 100 offers stiffness without restriction, and the Efficient Fit Tele Liner with Boa closure provides customized comfort and warmth.
    $639.95 $287.98 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • Our classic, cylinder-shaped chalk bag with a pliable wire rim and reinforced TPU lower, the Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag also features a rear zippered pocket that holds small essentials like your keys, a route topo or a smartphone. The included webbing belt with a quick-release buckle provides fast on and off.
    $19.95 $11.97 USD

  • With a modern, redesigned look and an unparalleled 200-lumen output, the Black Diamond Icon Headlamp is our professional-grade light with a waterproof construction that's ready for anything you can throw at it. Whether you're rappelling an alpine route in a storm or participating in a SAR mission, this mega-bright headlamp's multiple modes let you customize your lighting needs to any situation and its IPX 7 waterproof rating makes it a true all-weather light. The Icon's red LEDs preserve your night vision and activate without cycling through the white mode, while the lock mode prevents accidental battery drain when the headlamp is in your pack.
    $79.95 $59.96 USD
    4.7/5 (62)

  • Whether your mission is a long trek toting a heavy pack or getting a few powder laps touring in the backcountry, the Black Diamond Ultra Mountain Carbon pole combines lightweight, 100% carbon fiber construction and Z-Pole compactability into the ultimate 4-season package. When compacted, the Ultra Mountain Carbon easily fits in your pack, and our innovative speed cone technology allows for deployment in just seconds. We included Trekking Baskets and Compactor Powder Baskets to easily transition from summer to winter endeavors.
    $169.95 $118.96 USD
    4.9/5 (10)

  • Equal parts downhill crusher and lightweight hiking machine, the Black Diamond Quadrant is for those who want stiff, responsive flex and touring flexibility, and aren't willing to sacrifice either. For Winter 2012/13, the boot's new Efficient Fit AT Liner features improved fit and articulating zones for all-day warmth and touring comfort. The Quadrant's lightweight design and 40 degrees of resistance-free touring touring motion take the grind out of the skin track, and its 4-buckle, overlap shell and redesigned plastic liner tongue allows for maximum power transmission when it's time to drop in.
    $669.00 $334.50 USD
    4.6/5 (14)

  • With a classic wool knit, the Black Diamond Alex Wool Beanie has a soft feel and a fold-over design.
    $25.00 $12.50 USD
    5.0/5 (2)

  • A compact kids' lamp with plenty of lighting, the Black Diamond Wiz has a child-safe screw closure and breakaway elastic safety strap. A simple on/off switch with dimming handles brightness levels, and the Wiz automatically shuts down after two hours to prevent accidental battery drain.
    $18.95 $12.32 USD
    3.3/5 (3)

  • Designed to provide state-of-the art touring performance, range of motion, and all-day comfort without breaking the bank, the Black Diamond Slant brings a new level of affordable backcountry access. We've added a redesigned Efficient Fit AT LaceUp liner with improved fit and articulating zones for unparalleled all-day warmth and comfort. The Slant's Pivoting Cuff Technology and 3 locking QuickWire buckles provide 40 degrees of resistance-free touring motion, while the urethane alpine overlap shell design gives you smooth progressive flex and power transmission when it's time to sample the goods.
    $539.95 $269.97 USD
    4.5/5 (2)

  • In 2008, Black Diamond started a revolution in skiing by introducing the Factor, a freeride-inspired alpine boot with a walk mode. That innovation continues with the new Factor 130. Now with a completely new liner, this powerful boot is warmer, stiffer and better fitting than its predecessor. For hard chargers who simply need one boot to do it all, this Flex 130 boot continues its tradition of no-boundaries, no-compromise skiing performance. It includes BD Alpine Sole Blocks, and is compatible with BD AT Sole Blocks with integrated tech inserts (sold separately).
    $739.00 $332.55 USD
    4.3/5 (10)

  • Providing a secure connection between rock and rope, the Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw is our top-of-the-line sport climbing draw with the snag-free benefits of HoodWire Technology. The LiveWire carabiner on the bottom features a simple metal wire over the nose, which allows for keylock functionality in a wiregate design. The durable, east-to-grab Vari-width dogbone also features a Straitjacket insert to keep the bottom biner properly oriented.
    $23.95 $17.96 USD
    5.0/5 (2)

  • Featuring a soft, quick-drying combination of nylon and non-mulsed merino wool, the Black Diamond NM Merino Beanie is ideal for ski tours, mountaineering or any other active winter day in the mountains.
    $29.95 $17.97 USD
    5.0/5 (1)

  • Built with durable, lightweight aluminum and featuring both our compactible Z-Pole technology and FlickLock® Pro adjustability, the Black Diamond Distance FL trekking pole defines on-trail versatility. Ideal for everything from short day hikes to week-long backpacking trips, the Distance FL's 20 cm of adjustability lets you tweak the length (especially nice for sidehilling or for use with a tarp shelter). Employing a coated inner cord and conical shaft ends, our speed cone deployment provides quick and rigid alignment in seconds. A lightweight EVA grip is complemented by a mini-extension for choke-ups on steep inclines and interchangeable tips for variable trail surfaces.
    $129.95 $90.96 USD
    4.8/5 (4)

  • A throwback to our humble beginnings, the Black Diamond Diamond C Tee features our vintage logo with the classic Chouinard C.
    $32.00 $19.20 USD
    5.0/5 (3)

  • Welcome to the big leagues—the Black Diamond Varsity Beanie is a warm, stretchy ski hat with vintage style and a pom on top.
    $29.95 $14.97 USD

  • The Black Diamond Distance Cork trekking pole adds a premium moisture-wicking cork grip to our popular Distance Z-Pole for active endeavors from trail running Germany's Zugspitze to backpacking via Switzerland's Wanderweg. Durable all-aluminum construction is matched with a coated inner cord and our innovative speed cones for deployment in just seconds while on the trail. Breathable straps wick away sweat, and non-slip mini grip extensions allows for quick choke-ups on steep uphill sections. Interchangeable rubber and carbide Tech Tips can be easily swapped out for different trail surfaces.
    $119.95 $83.96 USD
    4.7/5 (3)