Athlete Profiles


Black Diamond's Athletes are an integral part of our design and engineering process. As these athletes climb and ski around the globe, they carry with them some of our newest apparel and equipment, helping us to become the biggest dreamers of what can be and the harshest critics of what already exists.

Hazel Findlay

Hazel Findlay has been climbing for 18 of her 25 years. She started out trad climbing with her Dad on the sea cliffs of Pembrokeshire, South Wales. She led a new route as her eleventh birthday present and cried all the way to the top of her first E1 at age 12. She also enjoyed competing as a junior and was British Champion six times. However, she soon realized that climbing for her was about being outside and rock was what brought the best out of her. At 16 Hazel took her first big whipper off an E5 in Pembroke, and it taught her that she could push herself on trad just as much as on bolts and that this was where her passions lied. After finishing a degree in Philosophy at Bristol University four years ago, Hazel has been a full-time climber traveling all over the world.

Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung has been climbing for half of his life. He has travelled thousands of kilometers by plane, car or hitchhiking, and he has lived in his van, a tent or caves for months. He likes all facets of climbing, from sport climbing to deep water soloing to bouldering to trad to adventures on big walls. In 2015, Daniel and his brother Markus opened Schlüsselstell- Jung's Boulderhalle, a boulder gym with a cozy Café in Siegen. For now, that is where Daniel can be found, working, training, setting boulders or making café.

Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder’s first climbing experience was in Estes Park, Colorado on a family vacation when he was 13. The sport took over his life rapidly, and he evolved into a full-time professional climber, which Joe claims is his “dream life.” Originally from New England with a strong work ethic, Joe eats, sleeps and obsesses over climbing. He is considered a fanatics and stays true to his personal slogan “ALWAYS PSYCHED!!!” With a degree in fine arts and a need for a creative outlet, Joe partakes in route development as well as filmmaking. He has climbed routes up to 5.14d sport, 13+ trad, and V13 boulder. He believes there is much more to climbing than simply setting climbing goals. It is the lifestyle, people and the culture that keep him hungry for travel and all climbing endeavors.

Daila Ojeda

Daila Ojeda started climbing at the age of 18, inspired by a climbing competition in her hometown. Before falling in love with climbing, Daila surfed for many years, something very common in the Canary Islands, her home. After a few years of climbing, Daila decided to leave the island, and she moved to Catalonia, Spain, one of the best places in the world for rock climbing. For Daila, it was really inspiring to be able to climb with a lot of talented climbers who taught her a lot about the sport and the lifestyle. Since then, Daila has been very active in the climbing community, sending some hard sport routes up to 8c/+ (5.14c) and traveling around the world to share her climbing passion. As a female sport climber, she is a role model and has been featured on the covers of climbing magazines around the world. Daila feels very lucky to have climbing in her life.

Babsi Zangerl

Babsi Zangerl first started climbing at 14 when her brother took her along to the gym, and she enjoyed it from the very first moment. She climbed regularly in the gym, and she could hardly imagine that climbing on a natural surface would be so much better than what she found inside. She was pleasantly surprised. In 2009, Babsi suffered a herniated disc, which made her change her attitude toward climbing a bit, as she wasn’t allowed to boulder for a long time. Today she enjoys exploring the different styles of climbing. Babsi loves being outdoors and traveling to various regions to try out cool alpine routes, sport multipitch routes, trad climbs or sport climbs. Climbing and the lifestyle it involves are important to her, and she likes to rise to a challenge and master it.